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OpenAI is pitching Sora to Hollywood.
The AI company is scheduled to meet with a number of studios, talent agencies, and media executives in Los Angeles next week to discuss partnerships, sources familiar with the matter tell Bloomberg. Getting more filmmakers familiar with Sora, OpenAI’s upcoming text-to-video generator, is a major goal of the meetings. Although Sora is still awaiting a public release later this year, Bloomberg reports that a few A-list directors and actors have already been given access.
It will be the SOTA for text to video
It can generate videos over 10 minutes long
A second major version of the model has been released
A third major version of the model has been released
Sora Developers Explain AI Video Generation
In this clip, Marques talks with the team leading Sora over at OpenAI!Watch full episode: the merch:https://s...
What Are AI Hallucinations? | IBM
AI hallucinations are when a large language model (LLM) perceives patterns or objects that are nonexistent, creating nonsensical or inaccurate outputs.
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New Report Confirms Worst Fears: AI Will Disrupt Countless Animation Jobs Over Next 3 Years
The startling report makes one thing clear: generative AI is here today and wreaking havoc right now.
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