Will OpenAI release their video generation model "SORA" to the general public before the US elections (2024)?
Dec 31

If something insane happens and the elections is postponed, then the market will update itself to the new election date

Release is to the public, not to red teamers or safety testers or extremely limited betas or to a few handpicked creators. This is about the general public.

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@Manifold can we delete this market pls?

bought Ṁ10 YES

@esusatyo OP got banned

@NoRespect He might not resolve it but the mods can. It's well-specified enough for someone else to do it.

If they setup a system whereby ordinary people can make requests (for free or for money) but these are reviewed by human moderators before being input, or after the video has generated, will this count?

Because that's what I would do

Just to clarify, if they license to studios and selected partnerships (e.g. Netflix, Twitch etc.) would that count as the general public?

@beaver1 no that wouldn't count as the general public

@firstuserhere you got me covered, love it thx.

When is the US elections

@SavioMak i believe November 5


Markets with >25 traders hovering around 50% is relatively rare - so, sharing.

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