Resolves as YES if there is strong evidence that at least 16 AI-generated words or phrases have become commonly used in the English language before January 1st 2031.

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This must be true in at least 3 countries where more than 60% of the population are native English speakers, each with a population of at least 20 million (can have different sets of 16 words/phrases per country).

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Making new words is easy, making them part of the language is a cultural process. I hope for humanity's sake that we don't let machines generate our culture.

@retr0id We should establish an academy to prevent the subversion of our culture by external forces and influence. For every AI-generated neologism this institution could come up with its own variant hand-crafted by the most elite wordsmiths.

@RemNi France moment

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Although 2031 us a long way away, most current models, even non-transormers, use some form of tokenizer, and it isn't a good approach to making new words.

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The Mean Girls Turing test: an AI that can make 'fetch' happen.

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