Will a significant AI generated meme occur before 2031?

This question resolves as YES if, before the January 1st 2031, a meme generated by artificial intelligence gains significant recognition and viral status, comparable to the widespread influence and shareability of popular memes created by humans. The meme must be widely acknowledged as being AI-generated and should achieve a level of cultural impact and dissemination across various media and social platforms, reflecting a substantial influence in the meme culture and digital community.

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The "idea" of the meme must have been discovered by an AI. If a human comes up with an idea for a meme, and then creates an image using a text-to-image model and puts it online, this does not count. Furthermore, the meme cannot simply be the fact that the content itself is AI generated. The semantics of the meme must refer to something else. There must be strong evidence that the AI chose the idea for the meme for this question to resolve as YES. If there is weak evidence, but no strong evidence, then this question resolves as N/A. If there is no evidence that this has occurred by the end date, then this question resolves as NO.

The meme must not solely be text-based, and must contain a non-text AI-generated component (e.g. image, video or audio). Text-based AI-generated memes arguably already exist:


Note that the meme must become significant before this question's end date. If an AI-generated meme is created in a given year, but only becomes popular in the following year, then it is the following year's question that resolves as YES.

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