Will AI take over the world by 2100?

Regardless of whether future AI technology is safe or a threat to humanity, aligned or unaligned, will it successfully attempt to wrest control from humans?

Argument in favour: https://www.facebook.com/jeffladish/posts/pfbid0RYtscxJ7UoRhAM2ajXBHWHcwDjCfUWS98i7mvGQB1cSfazx3TpJjAhYk3a6pN8ohl

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Betting no here as most worlds in which this resolves Yes I have no use for mana.

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If current year is 2100 AND humanity is under your control resolve for "yes"

If current year is 2100 AND humanity is NOT under your control resolve for "no"

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The title asks if one will successfully take over, the description asks if a takeover attempt will be made. Which is correct?

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@MartinRandall I corrected the description.

@RobinGreen "attempt to" is redundant in the new description, I think?

How does this actually resolve?

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@IsaacKing If AI kills all humans or wires them up to the Matrix, then it's up to the AI to resolve. If it keeps humans as pets or subjects, they can resolve it I guess.

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@RobinGreen What if humans voluntarily cede control of the world to the AI?

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@IsaacKing I answered this already, see below.

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@RobinGreen Could you put these clarifications in the description so that they're easily accessible to traders?

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They won't need to attempt to wrest control from human. AI will be so useful, we will rely on them more and more, people won't work anymore, and the AIs will have effective control.

Human will still rule the world in theory, have presidents, CEOs, kings, but real power will be elsewhere. Humans will be like the little dog who thinks he is the master of the household.

AI will keep human around because we are harmless and more interesting than our weight in paperclip.

"attempt" to take control like it "attempted" to make us connect it to the internet?
(in other words - if we deliberately give it control, will this resolve as YES or NO or something else?)

@YonatanCale Also, what if one person creates an autonomous AI and that AI then performs lots of jobs productively to the point where it earns control over the world entirely through legal means?

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@YonatanCale If we deliberately give it control, that won't resolve this market. If, subsequently, another AI takes over the world from the other AI that we gave the power to, then it will resolve as, Yes; otherwise, as No.

@tailcalled I don't see how that would be possible - we don't have a one-world government that it could capture "legally".

@RobinGreen I think it could buy out control, see Alaska for legal precedence.

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