UK General Election 2024 - Will Reform UK run in at least 600 seats?
resolved Jun 9

Reform UK have announced that they will run in almost every seat in this year’s general election:

Will this happen? Will they run candidates in at least 600 seats?

For reference, this is how many seats the biggest parties stood in last time:

Conservatives - 635

Labour - 631

Liberal Democrats- 611

Greens - 472

Brexit Party - 275

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Reform are running in 609 seats.

For once, they kept one of their promises! Resolves to YES.

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Per this spreadsheet they have validly nominated candidates in >600 seats.


Nigel Farage is promising a major announcement at 4:00 PM today. Will it be something which affects this market such as some sort of electoral pact with the Tories which means pulling candidates?


@traders With a week to go until nominations close, Reform UK have confirmed candidates for 470 seats (this is according to info from the Democracy Club rather than anything official, but my understanding is that they are a pretty credible source):

Will they find another 130 candidates so that this market can resolve to YES?

Meanwhile, it looks like the Tories are actually having more trouble filling their slate than Reform are... Will Reform actually end up running more candidates than the Conservatives?


Love this question 🍿 but how to bet... 🤔

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