Will a significant AI generated meme occur before 2027?

This question resolves as YES if, before the January 1st 2027, a meme generated by artificial intelligence gains significant recognition and viral status, comparable to the widespread influence and shareability of popular memes created by humans. The meme must be widely acknowledged as being AI-generated and should achieve a level of cultural impact and dissemination across various media and social platforms, reflecting a substantial influence in the meme culture and digital community.

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The "idea" of the meme must have been discovered by an AI. If a human comes up with an idea for a meme, and then creates an image using a text-to-image model that corresponds to this idea and puts it online, this does not count. Furthermore, the meme cannot be simply the fact that the content itself is AI generated. The semantics of the meme must refer to something else.

The meme must not solely be text-based, and must contain a non-text AI-generated component (e.g. image, video or audio). Text-based AI-generated memes arguably already exist:


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Surely Will Smith eating spaghetti counts

@RaulCavalcante actually reading the description more carefully it seems that it wouldnt count, but still, the market seems undervalued.

@RaulCavalcante there's no evidence that an AI came up with that meme. The original version was almost certainly produced by a human trying very hard to make their idea happen (and succeeding!) using a variety of tools. Therefore it doesn't qualify as an AI generated meme.

@RaulCavalcante I agree this looks undervalued

I think it's when AI starts generating stuff like this that it will get freaky: https://www.reddit.com/r/StableDiffusion/s/0PUKmiuBaq

As in, not only generating the image, but also coming up with the idea in the first place

oh also, does it need to be an image necessarily? i think GPT-2.5 came up with “bottomless pit supervisor” when prompted for a 4chan greentext

@calm aaah that's a good one! Wasn't aware of this


Ok, I'll add that it cannot just be text and must be either image, audio or video. Thanks for the tip!

@calm I see that you are a man/woman of culture who knows their memes

do we really know who created mr chedda

@calm No, but given the earliest record is from December 2022, it's likely that a user came up with a prompt to then put into midjourney. In the absence of evidence that the idea was discovered by an AI, have to assume that a human came up with it by default. But good example!

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