Who will win the 2028 United States presidential election?
Gavin Newsom
Kamala Harris
Nikki Haley
Vivek Ramaswamy
Ron DeSantis
Gretchen Whitmer
Donald Trump
JB Pritzker
Elise Stefanik
Ivanka Trump
Tim Scott
Pete Buttigieg

Resolves to 100% of whoever wins the 2028 presidential election. Remember to bet "Other" if you think there is a substantial probability its someone not yet listed but you don't know who it might be. I believe betting for Other gives you free shares for anyone added later

Resolves "None" in any case where the United States ceses to exist or if no election is held. If the election is postponed then this market resolves to whoever wins the postponed election, unless the election is held in or after 2032, in which case this market resolves to "None".

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bought Ṁ6 Answer #3f3829ffb888 YES

He refused to endorse Biden this time around, citing that it caused "division". Hence I am purchasing a little bit of YES.

Currently favored 5:2 over Ted Cruz, according to this market.

Sure, but who's gonna come in second place?

There are lots of competent people out there but the intersection between them and people who want to & can get nominated by a party is basically zero

@JonathanRay Primaries are a pretty strong filter for being an economically illiterate demagogue, especially for democrats

@JonathanRay Hillary and Biden and Obama are all very economically moderate by Dem standards. I see an argument for Biden not being economically moderate in practice, but his brand was boring moderacy.

@MichaelWheatley They’re all really old (too old to run in 2028) and it seems like the younger rising stars in the party are much less economically moderate

@JonathanRay Should government should fund healthcare for illegal immigrants? All candidates raised their hand.

bought Ṁ25 Donald Trump YES

@mvdm roughly speaking — conditional on Trump not elected in 2024 (~50%), being in OK health and eligible (~40%), I think it’s >50% that he runs.

bought Ṁ2 Answer #61e2d988fbc7 YES

I think this might not be so crazy, considering that Paul Ryan was the VP Nominee! Made a more general market to see how people feel about Johnson's career trajectory:

thought this said 2024 and bet biden to 51% 💀

bought Ṁ5 of Other NO

The actual winner will probably be added before the election. So 'Other' will resolve in 'NO', isn't it?

bought Ṁ1 of Ron DeSantis YES

@HenkPoley Betting on YES on Other gives you YES shares on anyone subsequently added to the market. Betting NO likewise gives you free NO shares

bought Ṁ10 of Ron DeSantis NO

@DylanSlagh Thanks. It's also quite impossible to cash out your bet before 2029, via the web UI, isn't it?

bought Ṁ2 of Gretchen Whitmer YES

@HenkPoley If you bet in the opposite direction of what shares you own and buy an equal amount of shares in the opposite direction you “cash out” your bet. (The number of shares you have is the same as your potential payout on resolution)