Will 500,000 Palestinian civilians be displaced from Gaza by the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 1

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Want to make an equivalent market for 2024? it should be much more informative

Sad that the AI knows what this looks like.

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@BTE Where does your optimism come from? And how many do you think have been displaced till date?

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@Akzzz123 Zero have, except a few dual citizens. But there is no way to get around it anymore, civilians are going to be allowed to leave soon. I think it just depends whether or not enough countries will agree to accept 500,000 of them cumulatively.

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@Akzzz123 The US could be the primary catalyst. Biden almost has no choice but to accept refugees if he wants to convince other countries to also take in refugees. Just letting Gazans languish as refugees inside a preexisting refugee camp is going to badly damage his already low approval.

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@BTE You do realise allowing refugees to leave would amount to ethnic cleansing of Gaza? That would look really bad on Biden.

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@Akzzz123 Of course I know it’s ethnic cleansing. I have been saying that since this all started. But who cares at this point, they are just going to suffer for the foreseeable and that is much worse. If Biden loses either way then he should do the right thing and drop his campaign so he won’t be compromised.

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@Akzzz123 Forcing them to leave or die is the ethnic cleansing. Refusing to give them a place to go just removes one of the two options.

The parallels to the situation with the M S St Louis are depressing.

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@ElmerFudd Thanks for remindijng me of the underpriced 0.25m+ bucket there.

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@DanPowell I fear never.

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@BTE I’m confused by why you have such a large position predicting that they will be.

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@DanPowell One bad trade for 1000 YES at 40. Ouch. Still could easily happen. There are 1mm people just waiting to cross into Egypt. Ireland has already offered to take refugees. Others will too. The US probably will.

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Unlikely that they will be allowed to leave alive.

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@DanPowell There are at least 500K children in Gaza. They should be prioritized and should be welcomed into the US. This single action is maybe the most significant step toward long-term peace I can think of.

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@BTE “Voluntary deportation” of all the children and their parents, or separate half a million children from their cultural heritage and have people from another culture raise them?

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@DanPowell Take the entire families. I don’t care. I just assume Israel will. If I was living in Gaza right now I would assume I was good as dead. Take them to somewhere where they can have self determination. Gaza has never offered a path to that fundamental right.

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@BTE Some kind of kindertransport could be a reasonably effective method of… accomplishing some goal.

History repeats itself whether or not you study it.

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I've left some limit orders here. If anyone wants to bet a bigger amount, you can reply here with your offer.

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/BTE/will-more-than-15mm-gazans-be-inter Created this market for internally displaced.

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Big limit order at 50% sitting for any takers

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@BenjaminShindel Currently looks like 1.4mm displaced so okay!

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@BTE what are you talking about?

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@BenjaminShindel there are currently close to zero displaced from gaza.

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@BenjaminShindel there are many civilians internally displaced WITHIN Gaza, but very few displaced FROM Gaza

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@BenjaminShindel They can’t go back to homes that don’t exist anymore.

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@BTE Now you are just being deliberately obtuse

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@Agh I honestly have no idea why I missed the previous comments here. I only just saw them all. I had originally not given the careful thought that I should have to the specific wording. I assume people are probably going to be upset no matter what I do now but I will go with the specific words and say 500,000 must be displaced from Gaza completely.

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@BTE Thank you!

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