Will more than 1.5mm Gazans be internally displaced at the end of 2023?
resolved Dec 31

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UNRWA reporting on the 12th of November (or earlier): "almost 1.6 million have been displaced across the Gaza strip since 7 October"

Shouldn't this be resolved yes?

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@rarionalTrader This is about the state of the situation at the end of the year.

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Oh, my bad.

If those who were displaced are rehoused in refugee camps facilitated by UNRWA or someone else before then, do you still consider them internally displaced?

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@rarionalTrader Why wouldn’t people in refugee camps be the central example of displaced people?

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@rarionalTrader If the refugee camp is outside Gaza no, then they are displaced from Gaza and their status fundamentally changes. I have a market for that too.

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@DanPowell I think something like 1.2 million Palestinians were already living in UNRWA refugee camps before this war, I'd assume many of them are among the 1.6 million who have been displaced

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@rarionalTrader Before October 7, you mean?

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Typo: “by at the end of…”

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@ElmerFudd Can’t I have it both ways?!? LOL.

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@ElmerFudd It’s 1.5 m, not 1.5 mm.

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@DanPowell “mm” is “thousand thousand” actually.

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@BTE I thought K was the metric prefix and M was the Roman numeral for “thousand”.

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@DanPowell Mil mil is thousand thousand in french

@BTE I can't get behind this. I see the finance and accounting miscreants use "MM" for million at my job (strangely, they don't use "M" for thousand nor "MMM" for billion, instead using "K" and "B" respectively). Rome has been dead for centuries; use "M" for million!