Short Term AI 2.5: By January 2024, will there be a usable, general AI assistant?
Jan 1

The previous iteration of this market asked about an assistant that uses a keyboard and mouse, I am dropping that requirement:

  • Usable: Some people need to use it. If it is available to me it must be something that I could imagine using myself, or recommending to other people if for some unimaginable reason it doesn't work on hacked up linux.

  • General: it must be able to work with a variety of programs and perform a variety of tasks (e.g. use browser, write email, change your desktop background, find a document on your drive containing some text, etc)

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quantizor avatar

I wish, I really wish.

andri avatar

Would Open Interpreter resolve positive? Some examples of usage:
If not, what functionality is it missing?

vluzko avatar
Vincent Luczkow

@Andri I want to see it run on the examples I gave (write an email and search for a document containing text, specifically), but this looks pretty promising.

Panfilo avatar

@vluzko Here's a Japanese user that seemed to have a wide array of success including email composition regarding their schedule. Have you gotten a chance to try it?

Shump avatar
Shumpbought Ṁ100 of NO

@Panfilo Looking at this article, it seems ridiculously bad. Fails multiple times on a simple task and doesn't even do the things that it's supposed to be able to do, and these two small tasks cost 2$

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Elliot Daviesbought Ṁ100 of YES

Would Microsoft 365 Copilot resolve positive?