Will GPT-4 be integrated into mainstream virtual assistant technologies (Alexa or Siri), by 2025?

Only Alexa or Siri counts for the resolution

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Hey @AmmonLam do you mean only Alexa and Siri or other virtual assistants?

@jBosc only Alexa and Siri

@AmmonLam two more questions:

  • shouldn't "by 2025" mean the ending date is 01/01/2025?

  • if GPT-5 is used instead of 4 how would you resolve the question?

@jBosc bump @AmmonLam -- what about gpt4o, does that count?

Please clarify if this would include Microsoft assistants like Cortana or Bing

> Only Alexa or Siri counts for the resolution

This is an interesting question but very ambiguously phrased.

Do you mean GPT-4 by the offering by OpenAI? Or do you mean general large language models? Also, does it include finetunes of GPT-4 or it has to be the same GPT-4 regex: ^gpt-4.*$ family via the OpenAI API?

@f431 I am also having this doubt. The question is ambiguous