Will Apple sell 500,000 units of Vision Pro in 2024?
Dec 31
Has there ever been a month old Apple product discounted? Seems sales are not going to plan. https://www.tomsguide.com/sales-events/hurry-apple-vision-pro-just-got-its-first-discount-save-dollar200

This refers to the global sale of Apple Vision Pro units.

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@SirCryptomind I can't access that, need an account. Any screenshots?

@tbird 😅

A little late to ask probably, but would this be net after returns? Say we were asking for revenue, then it would be highly relevant, and I could imagine if we ever see any official reporting for Apple it might actually be the net (as in, counting a sale as canceled/annulled rather than a sale + return).

@HenriThunberg I think this was answered earlier, will check comments later today

@TheWabiSabi Be careful with conditionals now, my current understanding is that fees are not returned when a market is NAed

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Is the market maker gone?

@TheWabiSabi he is but the market will be handled by mods

Related market on whether there will be price drops on Vision Pro

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They seemed to expect 350,000 shipped (sold?) units in 2024 in February, and unless they release a new version this year (which is very unlikely) there won't be major price drops so no reason to expect otherwise as of now.

@Quik2007 Ming-Chi Kuo (cited in the article you link, an Apple analyst with a decent track record) is currently projecting 650,000–700,000 units: https://medium.com/@mingchikuo/vision-pro更新-美國市場需求已大幅放緩-全球發佈時程預測-供應鏈擴產與退貨率解讀-新機種預測-投資策略-vision-pro-update-us-market-demand-f12ab8423404

Seems like the biggest question is around the timing of international releases, not new versions. But I think this market should be at 60% or more.

@Quik2007 I don’t think Apple will lower the price, but the fact that it’s already on Woot on a slight discount isn’t exactly doing their target numbers any favors.

@KevinN woot.com says its sold out? So not exactly being sold there

@kurt If they were selling like hotcakes they wouldn’t even make it to Woot though.


Can someone tell me why there is suddenly a price spike today

@firstuserhere I'm curious too. My guess is a supply and demand issue. They're probably producing them slowly and not making much of any profit per unit. Pure speculation though.

@firstuserhere More buyers than sellers

@Putcallparity obviously, but why today? what changed? its not like the market was unknown before

@firstuserhere I think there was recently a little more clarity about on the international release timeline.

Regarding my original response there was a trader I use to work with who answered that way when portfolio managers asked why the stock was moving, it’s been my canned response ever since.

@Putcallparity got it

lol yeah its same with Product managers, i just cant stand the corporate language

@firstuserhere One person placed a large bet. I usually check their calibration when that happens to guess whether it’s likely something significant happened or not.

@firstuserhere did it go up? A lot of people are saying you have to buy certain accessories and you can always buy a pricier model but I think they still start at 3500.

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