Will resolve YES, if any official public announcment by apple (apple event, social media or on is made, announcing the second generation of the Apple Vision Pro 2 by the end of 2025. Speculations, leaks or news articles do not count.

Otherwise, will resolve to NO.

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According to this article the next iteration will not be a pro, but a cheaper version.

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What qualifies as “second generation“ here?

Is a spec bump enough? (M3 chip without any other changes.)

Would a Vision non-pro count? It's possible they release one with an M3/M4, but with worse displays at a cheaper price point, etc.

@JonathanMannhart as long as its called pro, ultra or max (or something like that), and isnt a lite version of the current vision pro, meaning that people would generally consider it to be better then the current version, if this type of product is released, then this market will resolve to "yes".

How about if they announce a non pro version @notune ?

@esusatyo it has to be pro. Sorry if it was not clear from the description. I was explicitly writing "Apple Vision Pro 2", meaning this market will only resolve to yes, if a second generation pro version will be released.

According to DigiTimes Asia, Apple might already plan a vision pro 2, with mutiple versions: but lets see if this really will happen

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