Will an AI by OpenAI beat a super grandmaster playing chess by 2028?

It shouldn't be an AI made specifically for chess. Think of a general ai for a task other than chess - like gpt for language, or sora, or Dall e.

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Does it actually have to play a game or can we derive this being true from its ELO score against say Stockfish?
I assume this is considered "true" already for Deepmind due to MuZero?

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@Uaaar33 I agree. This should already resolve YES because of MuZero. It wasnt created specifically for chess and it is A LOT more general than just a "chess engine". Also I am guessing at least one super grandmaster lost at least once against it (maybe not, idk).

AIs in 2028 will probably be optimized for planning and accomplishing common economically useful real-world tasks, but beating a super grandmaster at chess is pretty specialized. I would guess that even a very smart human - say, Leonardo da Vinci or Terence Tao - would probably have to work quite hard to attain that level of chess-playing, so I doubt that an AI could do it without at least some specialized fine-tuning.

Also, I'm not sure that a super grandmaster would try playing one of these generalized AIs by 2028, even if it had the capability to beat them.

If someone designs a new chess AI like that, some top streamer like Hikaru would definitely try playing against it.

@CDBiddulph mu zero presumably would qualify here. This has already been achieved by other labs.

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Is it allowed to utilise other AIs like how some LLMs solve math with Wolthram Mathematica or must the entire process be OpenAI?

@TheAllMemeingEye yes the system's shouldbbe entirely OpenAI

An LLM or a chess AI such as alphago ?

@Odoacre any AI not made specifically and only for chess.

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