In 2028, will an AI be able to generate a full high-quality movie to a prompt, with human aid?

Similar to the main market, but the following are allowed:

  • Giving the AI a full script as a prompt, written by either human, AI, or both.

  • Any other inputs. Pictures, 3d renders of characters, video clips, even entire other movies, as long as the majority audio-visual output is not present in the input.

  • Any editing of the movie after the AI creates it, as long as the movie is still predominantly AI generated.

The quality criteria are the same. It should be more or less comparable to a big-budget studio film, although it doesn't have to pass a full Turing Test as long as it's pretty good. I will add that the level of novelty has to be comparable to a big-budget studio film. It can't just be a light edit of the inputs. The AI doesn't have to be available to the public, as long as it's confirmed to exist.

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Maybe needs some clarification about exactly what can be provided as an input. For example, I assume you can input 3D models of the settings of scenes. Can you input motion capture data from actors acting out scenes from the script? Or any other kind of motion data or animation made with reference to the script? What about voice recordings of voice actors reading the lines from the script?

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@calderknight made an edit. The spirit is that you can provide anything as long as most of the output is original. Inputting the entire audio track will not qualify, but providing it samples of actor's likenesses is okay.

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