Will Manifold Markets have a fursona by the end of April 2024?
resolved May 1

Now that Manifold has an anime girl mascot, the logical next step is to create a furry mascot as well.

Will Manifold introduce any anthropomorphic animal character to use as a mascot, avatar, icon, or representation of the site? As an example, Fivey Fox would count as a fursona for FiveThirtyEight, by this market's standards.

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We just need to hire the person who made the Australian Olympic team's mascots.

deadline approaching 🥺

please let the pivot be fursona related

@shankypanky I was thinking of submitting that to the market on what the pivot entails, but I think submissions are closed now.

@PlasmaBallin if it's the Strutheo market he reopened it and I saw he resolved some things earlier so maybe there's space? 🐈‍⬛

@PlasmaBallin ah alas you're right (I added it to Bayesian's - not long until it's NAd though I fear)

https://manifold.markets/strutheo/what-will-manifolds-big-pivot-be-ad we'll all feel pretty foolish with 100+ options and none of them 'sona related tbh

@shankypanky Bayesian's is a linked market. It can't be NA'ed

@PlasmaBallin lmao oh right he's going to scold me

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Maybe we can have the next-best thing:

I regret nothing.

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@evergreenemily This market may also give people ideas for what the fursona should be.

I endorse @Muskwalker's idea of Foldy the crane.

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betting yes as incentive

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Very tempted to set a bounty for this at some point. Like 75% of people in the IT sector are furries*, so it could be good marketing.

*Source: I made it up...but it's probably an exaggeration by less than an order of magnitude.

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holding out for anthro Foldy 🦢

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seems unlikely but if any of the staff want to take my No liquidity as a bounty, be my guest!