Will there exist an AI music generator at least as good as DALL-E 3 by the end of 2024?

DALL-E 3 successfully makes images that look photorealistic, or in a certain style. It doesn't always understand the prompt, meaning it may draw something different than what the creator intended. But given a certain image, it could easily pass for a photo or drawing made by a human.

Same criteria for music. It must be able to make songs that sound like they could have been popular human-created songs. Instrumental only is fine, it doesn't need to be able to do lyrics. But it does need to be able to handle an entire song, not just a clip a few seconds long.

Resolves according to my judgement, I won't bet. I like a lot of instrumental music, so if there exists an AI music generator that I like enough to replace my current human playlists, that would likely be good enough. If there isn't one, and the reason isn't because it's just too expensive for me, that means this'll probably resolve NO.

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@IsaacKing any chance we could get a YES resolution on this already? Would be great to liberate some mana for charity donations this week 🙌

Of course also happy to hear a NO opinion on Suno and Udio not being good enough for your criteria, I personally think they are (and have obviously better thereafter).

New text-to-song app has been released - though their servers got overloaded with new sign ups..

Keen to hear your thoughts @IsaacKing


Soul Synthesis

Instrumental, "high-energy, lively, infectious brass, sax, and drum music that blends modern jazz, funk, dance, electronic and hip-hop"

Generated entirely with Suno v3

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Alright, I’m doubling down.

Same criteria for music. It must be able to make songs that sound like they could have been popular human-created songs. Instrumental only is fine

Suno's newest version easily makes songs that are convincing and straight up slap now.

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I don't like betting huge amounts on subjective markets, but this is clearly massively undervalued post Suno v3

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@IsaacKing Can I suggest you check out Suno V3 and let us know your thoughts?


@OneGuy @IsaacKing link to Suno for you to experiment and share your feedback with this market. Not sure if V3 is free or paid though - https://app.suno.ai/create/

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@IsaacKing I'd love to get your thoughts on suno.ai (as others have mentioned) and why it does or does not qualify.

@JRR Well I just asked it for an instrumental song, and it gave me one with lyrics. DALL-E does make blatant errors from time to time, but not on things that are as fundamental to most images as "instrumental vs. lyrical" is to songs.

e.g. if I ask it for a watercolor image, it gives me one.

Hmm, it did successfully give me a nice Ragtime piece.

Eh, but now I've tried multiple ways to get it to give me an electronic guitar solo and it just keeps giving me pop/rock songs again, no guitar solo in earshot.

I'd say this is about on par with DALL-E 2, maybe a little worse. That's very subjective of course.

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@IsaacKing there are certain ways you need to prompt it to do things with "metatags", like a guitar solo. If the question is "is it as user friendly" or "does it minimize errors" like the much more polished (and financed) dall-e, definitely not. If it is "can it make a convincing song of music that would make most people think it was created by humans" then the answer would be yes, imho.

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@IsaacKing if you go to the "explore" tab, you can hear lots of examples of songs people created

@JRR I would say it fails on most songs due to the nonsensical lyrics, and I can't reliably get it to stick to instrumental ones. It also can also only generate ~1 minute clips, not full songs; the ones on the explore page were edited into longer clips by humans if I understand correctly?

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@IsaacKing try using [instrumental] as a tag. Not sure if it will do a whole song that way, probably depends on style of music. No, to get a whole song, you just select "continue" from the clip and it will generate the next portion. It does it this way for economic reasons (so you use more credits).

I think lyrics were pretty good in my experience. Here is an example of a song I did and lyrics made a lot of sense and worked well. https://m.soundcloud.com/dj-frag-210072481/dj-frag-summer-nights?si=112a180aae1d4326ae9bb309ea0b57e1&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

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@IsaacKing also, after you "continue" it a few times and have a whole song, you just select "get whole song" and it puts it together for you (no credits required to put it all together)

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Not with as much customization.

suno.ai is this right now. e.g. this is a rap I created about @Sinclair's monitor: https://app.suno.ai/song/459cdfc0-9cce-4cc5-b09a-6cb1bf04ab24

@SG Now I want to see a picture of this monitor

@SG this is hilarious

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@SG I agree, I use suno AI all the time to make very convincing music. And it can do whole songs, just need to connect clips. Here is a dance song I created: https://m.soundcloud.com/dj-frag-210072481/dj-frag-summer-nights?si=112a180aae1d4326ae9bb309ea0b57e1&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

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