What will be the top-3 AI labs in 2023?

2022: OpenAI, Stability.AI, Deepmind

Based on twtr buzz, search trends, etc.

Resolves ~50/30/20;

Gigacasting avatarOpenAI
JacksonWagner avatarMeta's AI lab
Gigacasting avatarDeepMind
JacksonWagner avatarAnthropic
dp avatarGoogle (Research/Brain/AI)
Gigacasting avatarStability.AI
LostgoldPlayer avatarEleutherAI
Gigacasting avatarApple
AndrewG avatarCavendish
Gigacasting avatarTesla
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Patrick Delaneybought Ṁ10 of DeepMind
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Patrick Delaney
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Patrick Delaney
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mai answered
Hugging Face
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Lostgold Player

@uwu Huggingface is a site to upload ai models and share datasets and demos

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maibought Ṁ10 of Hugging Face

@LostgoldPlayer The community platform is one thing, but they also created Transformers. If resolution criteria is based on social trends, I think they have a fair shot here.

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Lostgold Playerbought Ṁ10 of OpenAI

@uwu True, but their not an ai team.

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Definitely product buzz, not company’s name

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Jake Toth

Does search trends / buzz around a product count toward this?

The reason I ask is there could be a lot of buzz around a product, but not around a company name. If only the company name is counted this is arguably as much of a question around branding as it is the success of the company.

For example if Google released a chatbot which comes out of Google Brain / research then the name of that bot could be incredibly popular but it would likely be under the general brand of 'Google' not 'Google brain'.

Some rough examples from search trends: