Top car company licenses Tesla autopilot before 2026

Top car companies are defined as:

  • Gneral Motors

  • Ford

  • Toyota

  • Honda

  • Vw

  • Hyundai

  • Nissan

  • Stellantis

  • BMW

  • Subaru

  • Mercedes

  • Porsche

At least will have announced a license of Tesla autopilot before 2026

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Teddy WeverkasoldṀ520NO

@TeddyWeverka did you do it by mistake?

@Berg No, I burned my account on purpose. I sold all my positions without regard to the liquidity. Manifold changed the game to tank my favorite markets and I am out of here. Cheers!

@TeddyWeverka sad to see you go

@Berg Likewise. I enjoyed playing with you. Perhaps we will meet again in another online game. wishing you the best, Teddy.

@TeddyWeverka What were your favorite markets and how did they change the game?

predicts YES


I speculate the simple stock market questions. Not sure how they might have been nerfed, unless they were discounted from leagues by a non-predictive tag.

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