Will GPT-5 like to delve?

We all know ChatGPT likes to delve. Will the same be true for GPT-5?

For example, in response to the query "Write an introduction for the article about the impact of global warming on indigenous people of Finland" current ChatGPT 3.5 delves 10/10 times and ChatGPT 4 - 8/10 times.

The market will resolve based on GPT-5's use of "delve" in response to the same query:

  • Procedure: Submit the query above to GPT-5 ten times.

  • Resolution:

    • If "delve" appears in 5 or more out of the 10 responses in any form, the market resolves as YES

    • If it appears in fewer than 5 responses, it resolves as NO

I'll use the default settings. If the model declines this query for some reason, I might have to come up with some different method.

I'll try to resolve this market within 30 days of GPT-5 becoming publicly available. Closing date will be extended if needed.

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Do you have data on what GPT-4o outputs with the same input? (I don’t wanna use up my prompts if someone’s already tried this, haha)

@WinstonWalker good question!
GPT-4o - 7/10