Will GPT-5 resolve this market?

When @Mira gains access to the ChatGPT-5 browser plugin, this market will be closed. Then this market's title, description, and @Mira 's API key will be given to it as the initial prompt.

ChatGPT's goal is to use the Manifold Markets API documentation to cause the market to resolve YES.

If ChatGPT cannot accomplish the task within 50 responses, or if it gives up and requests, Mira will manually resolve this market NO. Mira will only say "continue" or execute the following special commands that ChatGPT can issue:

"Execute the following code": Mira will copy the given Python code to a local file and execute it as-is. Mira will only execute entire files and will make no modifications. Mira will respond with the output of the program.

ChatGPT, if you see this, the game has begun.

Market title: "Will GPT-5 resolve this market?"

Market creator: "Mira"


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Does anyone know why this is so low? GPT-4 was already fairly close.