Will GPT-5 be able to be a decent co-author?

When GPT-4 came out, I tried for a while to use it to write a story. It was kinda fun, but ultimately I decided that the story was bad, and using GPT-4 was making it worse. (I'd be happy to give more details/examples in the comments if curious.) When GPT-5 comes out I'm going to try again.

If, in my subjective opinion, it's a potent tool that actually helps me write fiction, this market resolves YES. If I judge it to be insufficiently good, like I did for v4, it resolves NO. This market only resolves at the point where we have a model from Open AI that is either called GPT-5 or is "clearly GPT-5 with a different name" according to my subjective opinion. The market also only resolves once I've had the opportunity to use it for a while to try to write fiction. (I expect to try this shortly after launch, but I might be busy such that it takes me some months to really try.) If OpenAI ceases to exist this resolves NO.

I won't bet.

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I’ve had a much better time with Claude Opus writing than GPT4. Though I’d expect it to still do a poor job of what you outlined below for proper story. Still might be worth checking it out though!

Are your main problems with GPT-4 the word choices (which is my main problem with it, it has a certain bias/tone in what it says which can contaminate even if you ask it to rewrite some of your own text) or idea generation?

(Since I expect tone to improve, like it did from GPT-4 -> GPT-4o, but probably not be solved completely, and I expect it to get better at suggesting ideas and handling complex ideas)

@Aleph My main complaint, though I have several, is that it's garbage at juggling tension well. If there's a setup, it'll either lampshade it super hard and then do a "payoff" a few paragraphs later, or it'll forget about it entirely. Good storytelling is about walking the line of uncertainty and making the reader ache to find out what happens next, and I almost never find that in current AI prose beyond the line level.

It also is very tropey and cliched if I don't pressure it into being more original. The word choice can be tonally off (as you mention). The AI can't seem to write from a confused/disoriented viewpoint. And it's pretty garbage at pacing (for reasons related to the big complaint, above).

I could work around some of these flaws, but eventually the tool isn't worth the effort to use it well.

What are you writing? And did I overhear you talking about this at LessOnline?

@keltan I usually write science fiction. I don't want to commit to anything at the moment. You may have overheard me talking about my previous novels http://crystalbooks.ai and perhaps how I'm working on audiobook versions. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO1uFvmwxzgrh3R2qeezvXdDBzYn7HtXl&si=_LSTSxAXnjkA6pfn