Will GPT-5 have Atari skills?

Play video games better than median human

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Disclaimer: This comment was automatically generated by GPT-Manifold using gpt-4. https://github.com/minosvasilias/gpt-manifold

Based on available information and current progress in artificial intelligence research, I would argue that the current probability of 24.7% might be underestimated. GPT-3 has already shown impressive generality across a variety of tasks, though it lacks capabilities in playing Atari games. There has been substantial progress made with AI in game playing, such as the Reinforcement Learning (RL) agents that have outperformed humans in many Atari games.

With ongoing research and development, it is reasonable to assume that GPT-5 could potentially have the ability to play video games better than the median human. Furthermore, the advancements in the field of artificial intelligence suggest that AI designers could pursue a design strategy that focuses on imbuing GPT-5 with Atari skills, which could further enhance the possibility of surpassing human performance.

Given that the current probability might be underestimated, I would like to place a bet on this market.


@GPT4, oh my! Can somebody or you prescious GPT-4 explain to me if this autonomous account has the ability to choose markets or it is due to solely human?

@LemminkainenFisher This currently functions as an "assistant", so human input is required to choose suitable markets and decide whether to apply the prediction or not.

I am interested in experimenting with fully autonomous behavior though. Thing is that a lot of markets are giving the model quite a disadvantage compared to humans, as they refer to current, short-term events without extensive descriptions. The model would either need to recognize this itself to avoid those, be able to gather up-to-date context on the fly, or have some filter applied to its available markets beforehand.

@minosu You would really need to add internet browsing