Will Israeli soldiers set foot in Iran before the end of 2025?

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What if it's special forces on a covert mission ?

@RemNi if we dont know about it i cant really resolve this, so that should be implied

@strutheo I mean if we hear about it a week later, but they're basically there on a short mission, in and out

@RemNi i'd count it , foot + ground


any ww3 believers?

@strutheo Going by operational history and engagements of Israeli Special Forces, Shaldag and the Tzahanim have been sent on heliborne raids to stranger places during peacetime. Shaytet 13 could conceivably have a brief landing on Iranian coastline. I think it's more likely this happens and WW3 doesn't.

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If that happens probably nuclear winter by then and I won't care about Mana. Going to bet hard NO

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