Will another unofficial mana financial service/product ran by users be shut down by Manifold by EOY 2026?

Can be anything from loans, to mana laundering, to investment schemes

Ignoring the last one: Mana for Bitcoin Exchange

Will not resolve if something is made for the purpose of interfering with this market!

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All of the financial services listed in this dashboard are being shut down shortly, since managrams/manalinks/bounties are all being removed specifically to get rid of stuff like loans that makes mana look like a real currency to regulators.

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This might be shutdown

@strutheo would a scheme that is already banned be able to trigger this market if someone tries it again? I assume the answer is no, but ambiguous enough to be worth asking I think

@Tumbles rephrasing to omit that one @nikki

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bet NO if you want to incentivize me to be silly

there are so many financial services to be made in over 2 years. there are many ways to make it shady. it will happen.

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