Will an organization besides SpaceX successfully develop a resuable orbital rocket booster launch system by end of 2026?
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If an orbital rocket booster is recovered and then used for a suborbital flight, does that count?

@Mqrius both orbital

Just to be really pedantic:

Launched twice and reused twice are not the same thing ๐Ÿ˜‹

@JoshuaWilkes not just a nitpick, I genuinely don't know which is meant

we'll say launched 3 times, recovered twice , because once could be a fluke

Would be a very impressive fluke!

Might I recommend just "launch twice"? This is the simplest criterion, you don't need to talk about what counts as recovery or anything.

Still vulnerable to Ship of Theseus ambiguity if it gets reburbished heavily, but seems like the best criteria still.

Launching three times seems unnecessary but fine, but don't mention recovery, that just confuses things. Launching already sufficiently implies previous recovery.

@chrisjbillington ok launch twice

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