🟠Who would have to be running for Manifold to vote for Donald Trump in a presidential election? [ADD RESPONSES]
Jun 1
Nicolas Maduro
Uday Hussein
Joffrey Baratheon
Lucifer, the King of Hell
A large asteroid, plummeting towards Earth's gravity well
Kang and/or Kodos
Harvey Weinstein
Chris Brown
Nick Land
Kyle Rittenhouse
A time traveler who can only go back in time to kill Hitler if he isn't busy being president
Benjamin Netanyahu
Dolores Umbridge
Robert Edward Lee
A severe case of ulcerative colitis
A random citizen with diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia and a dependence on stimulants
Senator Armstrong (Metal Gear Rising)

High Percent answer = Manifold would vote for Trump instead of this person
Low Percent answer = Manifold would vote for this person instead of Trump

Will be resolved by a poll for each option when the market closes.

See other for more options: /strutheo/who-would-have-to-be-running-for-ma-174d8cf13790

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Random prisoner? Reminds me of a movie.

Why is Sauron doing so badly, the guy actually built enough housing to stop the housing crisis.

@ShakedKoplewitz americans care about their privacy, giant eye wont poll well

@strutheo He just needs to cover it with the Google logo

A time traveler who can only go back in time to kill Hitler if he isn't busy being president
bought Ṁ10 A time traveler who ... NO

He can do it afterwards. :P

A literal ham sandwich

Almost equivalent:

Napoleon Bonaparte

@strutheo FYI Napoleon is already an option in the other version of this market.

@gregrosent yup i added to both so i can have them all in one place too

A large asteroid, plummeting towards Earth's gravity well
bought Ṁ20 A large asteroid, pl... YES

@PlasmaBallin wow i might count this and save myself 100 mana lol

@strutheo Technically, it's slightly different because it doesn't ask whether you would want the asteroid to be president.

@strutheo Oh, and because the first option isn't explicitly a vote for Trump.

@strutheo There are some actual polls that have been done of this, though, which is the inspiration for my poll:



A prostitute from the alleged Trump pee tape

These are the only people who could possibly beat Trump if the pee tape is ever revealed:


The thing about Cthulhu and Lucifer is that enough people might vote for them as a joke since it's not a real election

100% real, ignore the watermark

Destiny at 2%? I hate you all

@ezra290 what's up

@ezra290 that means people are more likely to vote for him over trump, read the description

@strutheo I know.

@ezra290 oh, trump fan?

@strutheo not at all

@ezra290 but more a Trump fan then a destiny fan clearly lol

@ezra290 to be clear 2% doesn't tell you if it will be a close outcome of the vote or not. It just means people think manifold will vote at least 51 percent for destiny. Which doesn't seem surprising or shocking so idk

@ezra290 can you name which policy positions of Destiny's make you think he'd be a worse choice than the trumpet?

@dgga sounds like they just wanted to let people know they dont like destiny much

@strutheo I know. It's not like I'm expecting a serious answer either, if someone would vote for Trump instead of Destiny they are unlikely to share the same reality with me and they are unlikely to know any policy positions of either. I just enjoy asking this question from people who care about disliking Destiny enough to find it necessary to tell the world; to watch them flail with the impossible task of making Destiny seem optically unhinged compared to Trump.

@dgga What's Destiny's position on what the US should do if China invades Taiwan?

@TiredCliche probably the same as every single US president since the invention of microchips

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