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Q2 coming to a close, submit your best ai banners


one month left - get your submissions in



godzilla / trump

juggalo furry

drake kendrick response

World Dog Surfing Championships

Plural of fursona

Glowing plants

what could users beat in a fight

self immolation


could jesus burrito


voting/submissions are open!

First Animal to walk on Mars

First animal to walk on the moon

@JamesF haha i was about to submit it too, so good. ill do mars

@strutheo You linked the wrong market for the mars one

@JamesF oops, and i think yours is moon not mars (the comment)

@JamesF So many raccoons!

sex with robot

bought Ṁ5 sex with robot https... YES

@strutheo Elegant minimalism

which chess engine

@strutheo Brilliant

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