Who will make the best Manifold meme?
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Rules: meme must be a single image related to Manifold markets or prediction markets more generally. The one I like the most will get the bounty. I will not select myself nor anyone I know personally. (Max 2 submissions per person). Bounty is awarded end of July.

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What kind of market do you mostly bet on?

This is what Claude came up with after I explained to it what Manifold Markets is.

The meme shows a person sitting at a computer looking confused/concerned. The computer screen shows the Manifold Markets site with markets listed like:

Will AI superintelligence wipe out humanity by 2040?
Will aliens make contact by 2050?
Will we discover unicorns by 2100?

The text says:
Me trying to find a Manifold Market with better odds than "Will I ever get a date?"

Too lazy to find a stock photo and install an image editor.

Metaculus: What is the probability of this bank failing this year?

Manifold: Is Levina beautiful???🥰🥰🥰

I'm trying to summon the best meme into existence: /SG/manifold-skibidi-toilet-tiktok-boun

Here's an example: