Will Scarlett Johansson receive money from OpenAI as a settlement, compensation, or damages by the end of 2024?

Will resolves YES if this is confirmed by both parties, even if the exact amount is not disclosed.

Will resolve YES if they donate to a charity in her name or of her choice.

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bumping now that the news has died down a bit

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I have always warned the people around me for the hazards of the AI apps. Sometimes I am thinking it may even be destroying humanity (but this is a conversation maybe people here are not ready for yet discussing intellectually!) Today it is do my fear that it will be the small cases like this with Scarlett Johanssen chipping away at our fabrics of norms that will be doing the damaging right up to until then at the end. There will be none of the compensation to be had!

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80k no limit at 21

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i put this at 5%. i don’t think ScarJo has any cause to sue openai. and, i think a settlement is unlikely. i also think whatever was initially done would have been reviewed by the oai legal team.

@SusanneinFrance hmm, maybe i revise to 20-30% on the article. i do think the case of the voice actress just sounding like scarjo makes the case hard + the fact there is no endorsement.

What about the infamous $1 settlement? Doesn’t seem in the spirit of the proposition

As I understand, settlements usually take more than a year, so even if a lawsuit does go through, I doubt Johannson will receive money in 2024. I basically agree with the current probability for this market (19%) but I think the probability of an eventual settlement is considerably higher.


@strutheo AI image gen needs to be careful or she'll file another suit here too

Resolves "yes" if there's a donation to a charity that she nominates?

What happens if there's a settlement and it's not disclosed whether there was money involved

@Tripping 50% i guess ... depends wht they say

sama collecting Ls


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Bet they received a cease and desist letter hahaha

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