Will Carson the Terrier once again place top 3 in the 2024 World Dog Surfing Championships (WDSC)?
Aug 3

The World Dog Surfing Championship (WDSC) is the premiere annual dog surfing competition. Yes that is literal—dogs on surf boards riding waves.

Last year (WDSC 2023), Carson the Terrier (check out his website) had a dominant performance—he placed #1 as the overall “Top Dog”, in addition to tying for first in the “Small Dog” category.

Carson is a powerhouse. In the 2022 WDSC, he placed 3rd in the overall (Top Dog) ranking, & again won his Small Dog category.

Can Carson maintain his dominance? Or will some young pup upstarts knock the king off his throne?

This market resolves YES if Carson once again (for the third consecutive year) places in the top 3 of the "Top Dog" Overall category at the 2024 WDSC. I plan to close it the day before the championships (in case I want to add a bunch of liquidity to it).

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<1 month til the champs! This is now a Plus market.

PRECURSOR UPDATE: Carson just placed second in the "small dog" category at the Purina Pro Surf Dog Competition at Huntington Beach. Here’s the coverage in the LA Times (with a great pic).

That's a solid podium finish (up from 3rd in 2022 & 2023!), although it's just within his "small dog" category, while this market needs him to place top 3 overall.

It seems like his training is going well, and he should be in peak form for the world champs. From his Instagram:

I've been working on reaching my full potential by keeping healthy and eating the right foods except for when I stay with G-mama she always slips an extra treat under the table.



Manifolders when they see cute dogs riding surfboards