If you had to vote in an election, would you rather vote for Donald Trump or Godzilla?
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Godzilla will spark urban renewal and is a has a ton of experience effectively using nuclear power. He's got my vote!

Can't vote without knowing Godzilla's VP pick, as Godzilla will be immediately impeached for leveling a city and inciting chaos.

@Ziddletwix there is just no way Mothra would join a bipartisan ticket with Godzilla in this political climate. Only serious answers please

@GazDownright Claude 3 Opus opines: "You raise an interesting point about the likelihood of Godzilla being impeached due to its destructive nature, which would make the VP choice crucial. In this hypothetical scenario, the most suitable VP pick would be someone who could effectively lead the nation and handle the unique challenges posed by having Godzilla as President."

@GazDownright If he runs as a Republican, he'd never be convicted.


Please vote on this exceedingly important poll.

The proper term is “Godzilla’s monster.”

@Nhoj no that's only in the Godzilla region , here we call it sparkling monster

Depends which version of Godzilla this is.


Godzilla would be more historical as a vote, but I don't think he'd be eligible as a non citizen