Will a major battle be fought in the Caspian Sea before 2040?

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If before 2040 the sea level drops and a major battle is fought on land previously submerged by the sea (somewhere in the northen caspian, most likely) how would this resolve ?

@Odoacre As interesting as that would be, formerly sea is not actually sea

Would the sinking of the Moskva in 2022 count as a major battle in the Black Sea?

@Simon74fe That is a different sea

@cloudprism Yes sure, but was it big enough to count as a major battle?

No start date. Fix.

@AaronKreider Interesting. I hadn't looked to see whether historical battles had already occurred there.

The start date is the market creation date.

Please consider being less terse in the future. Thanks.

How do you define "Major Battle"? Maybe tonnage involved in combat?

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@RobertCousineau Number of deaths?

@xyz I'm not opposed, though I am always reluctant to rely on death counts as they are hard to get and often gamed. It's a lot easier to see if a warship is somewhere than if anyone on that warship died (and when).