Will Russia be invaded by foreign troops before 2060?

Resolves YES if any foreign enemy troops enter internationally recognized 1991 Russia borders with the goal to take control of some Russian territory. The troops count should be adequate to the goal stated, with >10000 combatants. (The same rules apply to Ukrainian troops: the border crossings only count if they have a goal of taking control of some territory and use adequate forces so e.g. May/June 2023 incursions would not have counted).

Resolves NO in 2060.

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How does the market resolve if Russia splits into multiple warring factions, or if one part of Russia tries to break off?

@SamuelHvidager it might still resolve YES if conditions are met. If there are significant changes to what Russia is, will resolve NA.

@JuJumper not before breaking off or factions war proves to be long-term.

Added some clarifications to the description.

Troops often invade without stating explicit intention of claiming territory until they are able to successfully take control of it.

@ProjectVictory is it reasonable to assume such goal by default?

@JuJumper Idk, sometimes. An interesting example is US invading Iraq, it was definitely an invasion but no territory was ever claimed, technically speaking.

@ProjectVictory US invading Iraq seems to meet the spirit of this market. While the US didn't claim the territory for themselves, they had to take significant control over Iraq, even if temporarily.

@JuJumper That's exactly what I'm talking about. It meets the spirit, but there was never any intention to claim any territory, technically speaking.

@ProjectVictory the stated goals for the invasion included destruction of WMDs and driving terrorists out. This seems to require a significant amount of control over the territory as a preliminary goal.

So, would the May/June 2023 incursions have counted?

@PS I don't think they should. They were attempted with forces obviously inadequate for the stated goals. Maybe I should add a clause like ">10000 combatants".

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