Will any open-source model rank in the top 3 on Chatbot Arena at any point in 2024? (resolves based on ELO rating)
Dec 30

I was browing Twitter and I saw a post by Karpathy postively talking about ChatBot Arena which is a platform for ranking LLMs based on human ratings. As expected OpenAI is holding positions 1, 2 and 3. I wonder if any opensource model will take any of these positions at any point in 2024 and keep it for a full week

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@Soli I assume by your comment on a similar market that here you're resolving based on elo rather than "Rank." Can you clarify?

@Jacy yes just updated the title

command r plus is already surpassing gpt4 on some benchmarks: https://txt.cohere.com/command-r-plus-microsoft-azure/

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