Will "narcissistic, orgying tech nerds" solve social ills?

Inspired by this comment on NYT.

Alternatively stated: Will a Manifold user make a significant contribution to the defeat of a major social issue by 2030?

As this market is subjective and because I am a narcissistic tech nerd, I will not make any bets. But I believe in you guys!

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Just like with almost every other group, I will always trust rationalists' tendencies to overestimate themselves.

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I’m always hesitant to lock up my funds in long-term markets, so let’s get to it and figure out how to close this market as soon as possible.

Gonna start a new movement: effective narcissism?

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There is a self interested objective in making the world a better place


narcissistic orgying tech nerds rise up ✊

@SemioticRivalry This person "Ben" is commenting on the Internet, which was made by tech nerds.

@nathanwei sure, but not the orgying ones

@MartinRandall Are we sure about that?

@MartinRandall It is literally run by furries.

I thought the orgying nerds was talking about the FTX shenanigans 😂

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Where can we find the original article that inspired the comment?

Every user should be betting on themselves here!!!

There isn’t any one sized fits all solution for social ills, broadly speaking, so it depends on what the “social ills” are, and whether they are amendable to a technical solution.

Of course, one could argue that the problem of social ills might well have no solution, technical or otherwise, particularly as new problems are always going to emerge regardless of what new technologies or social policies we implement…

If it's just any Manifold user, then I think Manifund makes it much more likely. I mean, would mostly curing cavities count for this market? It's looking pretty good already.

@Sailfish Aella counts as "orgying nerd", I agree.

otoh, ben-from-the-article-comments is right about some of the actionables that will help social ills. anybody working on exactly those things? I suppose GiveDirectly, ACLU, EFF, etc. charities are a part of this?

Don't know if he's attended any orgies, but for some evidence in favour of solving social ills, we've got @LarsDoucet literally writing books and founding startups centred around tax reform.

@chrisjbillington You don't have to attend an orgy, you just have to be a manifold user

We were all at the orgy in spirit.

Does it have to be someone who has attended an orgy?

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@SemioticRivalry Oof, not what I thought I was betting on. Does it at least have to be someone who attended a Manifold conference where an orgy happened?

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@MartinRandall with this in mind, adding quotes around "narcissistic, orgying tech nerds" in the title might help with conveying intent

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