Will Israel ethnically cleanse the Gaza strip of more than 100,000 Palestinian civilians by 2025?

Via either deliberate expulsion or killings. Civilian deaths from the ongoing military conflict count.

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The recent Lancet study estimates over 186k dead.

Given that the capacity of local health ministry to accurately record deaths has been destroyed, it’s reasonable to rely on estimates from reputable journals for resolution.

In recent conflicts, such indirect deaths range from three to 15 times the number of direct deaths. Applying a conservative estimate of four indirect deaths per one direct death to the 37 396 deaths reported, it is not implausible to estimate that up to 186 000 or even more deaths could be attributable to the current conflict in Gaza


The local health ministry is interested in maximizing global outrage. And there’s been times when they’ve clearly prioritized outrage over accuracy. I doubt they’d miss the chance to report 150,000 deaths.

The local health ministry attributes direct killings, not indirect deaths.

No one serious is arguing that the ~30k reported reflects the excess mortality resulting from the war.

@OP No true Scotsman likes beer. I’d be surprised if the GMH figure underreports excess mortality. Got a source?

I can’t find any report from the GHM on excess mortality. The only figure I can find from them is for ‘fatalities’, being those directly killed.

Do you have a source from them for excess mortality?

If Egypt somehow magically changes their mind about accepting refugees then presumably large numbers of Gazans would want to go there, but that's not an action taken by Israel. Not sure this question makes sense.

Does having your apartment block destroyed resulting in you leaving gaza count as "ethnic cleansing"?

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