Will the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip drop below 2,000,000 before 2025?

Currently at 2.3 million, according to Wikipedia.

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I think this market is about fairly priced. Of course Israel is not trying to ethnically cleanse Gaza, but from a 2.3M prewar population, the NYT estimates 100K people have fled and deaths are probably going to be around 50K. It's unlikely but not super unreasonable if 150K more people flee in the next few months because it gets much easier to flee, or if the number of people who fled is undercounted. I think 15% is about right.

I feel like all of my profits are making money from correcting Gaza markets, and then I lose them all from making dumb bets on everything else. But at least there are a lot of Gaza markets

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Is wikipedia going to be used to resolve the market?

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