Will a nuclear bomb be detonated somewhere in the world before 2033?

Market will resolve when there are verified reports of a nuclear detonation for any reason. But it must be a weapon that was detonated and not some sort of accident.

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@IsaacKing Doesn’t sound like a nuclear explosion. “Wednesday's test used chemicals and radioisotopes to "validate new predictive explosion models" that can help detect atomic blasts in other countries, Bloomberg reported, citing the Department of Energy.”

@Lawdog The comment section is going wild -- can you give more guidance on how the resolution criteria will work for this? Do you need multiple verified reports? Verified by who? Does testing count? etc.

@Eliza Clarified above

@Lawdog Thank you, I really appreciate it!

@Eliza What if the device that detonates is not characterized as a 'bomb' -- that is, if there is some "nuclear explosion" that is 100% a nuclear explosion, but for whatever reason people don't refer to the item that exploded as a 'bomb'?

@Eliza That won’t count. Like a nuclear meltdown or something like that. It has to be an offensive nuclear weapon detention for either testing for military purposes

bro, watch Russia nuke itself by accident

I would say it includes testing.

Does this include testing?