Will I live to be over 1000 years old?

Will I live to celebrate my 1000th birthday?

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Would be a bummer if you died the day before you turn 1000.

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Make sure to put your Manifold login info in your will so someone can resolve this in case of No

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@LLLLLL Thanks! Will do.

How old are you now?

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@ian I'm 31 years, one month, one day old.

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@DanielKilian does being uploaded count? Or do you have to exist in the flest?

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@ian I will live in a way where the general population at the time will always agree that I am the same person I've always been. Let me know if that is acceptable or if you need clarification.

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@DanielKilian seems fairly clear, this would probably include uploading then if the rest of the population is doing it

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@ian I like to think I would still be in the flesh. As if there was a way to stop deterioration, or to even reverse aging to appear any age I wish. But of course, my desire may change.