Will someone live to be 125 years old during my lifetime?

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_verified_oldest_people for background.

This market ends on the day I turn 125 and therefore become that person. Based on the current oldest living person, the earliest this market could resolve as Yes would be 2032-03-04.

Feb 25, 5:51pm: Will someone live to be 125 during my lifetime? → Will someone live to be 125 years old during my lifetime?

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Can't lose this market unless you have an heir, easy money

please add to Life Extension

Do you have someone ready to close this market if you die?

@JoKing I do not, so as it stands now this can only resolve yes. In all honesty, the most likely outcome in my view is that I quit paying attention to Manifold Markets within the next 10 years, or Manifold Market goes out of business. I'd recommend looking at profiting from trading in the time leading up to it rather than focusing on the final outcome.

That said, if this gets more serious I'm open to trying to set up something a little more robust than hoping I and the current oldest person live another 9 years and I don't forget to resolve this.

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Nope. Jeanne Calment wasn’t even a real case of a human living beyond 120. Hard limit!!!