Will I live forever?

This question resolves YES if, at some time in the next few millenia, I am extremely confident to be immortal: (1) won't expect to die, and (2) won't expect entropy to be an issue in 10**100 years, etc.

If I die, or if the time runs out without any inkling of how this could even resolve positively, I'll resolve this question to NO.

Quantum immortality doesn't count.

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Please explain what you've done to ensure this resolves "No" when you die.

@Jotto999 Joke answer: if I die, I’ll have bigger worries.

Real answer: I thereby pronounce any manifold admin allowed to resolve this market negatively if they estimate a >95% chance that I am dead.

@BionicD0LPH1N Okay, but will they actually do that? How do I, as a random forecaster, know that they'll do that?

predicts YES

@Jotto999 how about asking them on their policy for resolving markets with absent creator?

@Lavander I tried a cursory search. Sure, each individual forecaster could go manually ask them. But ideally it should be obvious in the question itself.

@Jotto999 Ah, here is the page where they lay it out:

Bro 10**100 is about 2**330!

If I die, I'll resolve this question to NO.


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