By 2050, will there be a cure to aging?

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Graham Poulter

Aging is neither a single condition nor is there a single cause to address.

You need to be more precise about the question. It's like asking whether there will be a cure for evil.

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Carson Galebought Ṁ39 of NO

Hi @DanielKilian. Could you please indicate how you would resolve this market under a few scenarios?

1. Life expectancy increases by ~20 years for the average human (no other changes)
2. Life expectancy increases by a large but unknown quantity. People are dying much more slowly, but it is unclear whether aging is cured or if expected lifespan is significantly increased.
3. There are a few experimental cases where aging seems to be cured, but there is more testing to be done to determine any side effects before the treatment can start to be applied to other volunteers.

4. There are therapies where aging can be cured in theory - and they have been successful in animals - but there have not been any human trials

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Carson Galeis predicting NO at 36%

@DanielKilian quickly checking in on these questions

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David Davidson

Does cure mean stagnating or decreasing age?

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Daniel Kilianis predicting YES at 76%

@DavidDavidson At the very least stagnating

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