Will Alzheimer’s be cured by 2040?

By cured, I mean an FDA-approved treatment that halts the deterioration in cognitive decline in at least 75% of cases

Dec 25, 10:46pm: Will Alzheimer’s be cured by 2040? → Will Alzheimer’s be cured by 2040?

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Would early detection and treatment suffice, if it does not necessarily work after onset of substantial symptoms? Specifically, if a reliable early detection methodology arises, would you consider early-detected cases to be part of your total set from which you measure 75%?

What if the cure isn't a drug?

@IsaacKing Any treatment counts.

Updated description

Does this have to be for all forms of Alzheimer's, regardless of cause? Broad efficacy in 80% of cases? What is the bar?

@EdwardKmett Edited the question. For all forms. At least 75% of cases