Will I live to be 200 years old?

I don't smoke, I don't abuse drugs, and I rarely drink (~twice per month).
I sport at least 180 minutes per week (primarily aerobic exercise), sometimes much more.
I eat a healthy diet (for American standards) with lots of vegetables and not a lot of meat. No sugar.
I am currently very content with my life, including my social and romantic life.
I rarely feel stressed (~once per week slightly stressed).

Close date updated to 2202-01-31 12:00 am

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How old are you today?

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please add to Life Extension

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@JimHays Can't, this is one of the markets that's bugged and can only be added to a list of 6 different groups.

How old are you?

@elibutchad I second this question.

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Closing date is in 100 years, not 200.

@MarcusAurelius that could mean he's already 100...