If Biden wins, will undocumented immigration go down? (Southern border)

If Biden wins the US 2024 election, will immigration at the south west border drop?

I will use numbers for border encounters at the Southwest border from the CBP which you can see here: https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/stats/southwest-land-border-encounters

If the total number for 2025 is lower than the total number for 2024, the market resolves yes. Otherwise no. If Biden doesn’t win it resolves n/a

I will add monthly numbers to compare calendar year 2024 to 2025, not the financial year totals used by CBP (FY starts in October).

See the same question for Trump:

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This is a great pair of markets, I've got them on the If Trump Wins Dashboard.

I already added some subsidy yesterday, and I'm adding another ten thousand mana right now!

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Seems likely, both because of mean reversion and because Biden absolutely wants to push it down and republicans might be more cooperative post election.

@ShakedKoplewitz The numbers have been going up under Biden though so it’s hard to tell how much that stated desire matters.

@voodoo he cares more now than he did then, so that factor should push against immigration. The other factors (things like economics) were pushing for more immigration earlier but I expect them to fade due to mean reversion.