By the end of the Ukraine war Crimea will be a part of Ukraine again?
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Will Ukraine control any of Crimea before it takes back most of Luhansk or Donetsk?
NathanpmYoung avatarNathan Young
58% chance
Will Ukraine sever the Land Bridge to Crimea by November 30?
Will Ukraine win the Russo-Ukrainian War?
At the end of the war, will Ukraine control any territory they didn’t control at the start?
njmkw avatarNicola Wilson
52% chance
Will there be fighting in Crimea as part of the current war between Russia and Ukraine?
PS avatarPS
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Will Ukraine lose the Donbas region at the end of the Russo-Ukrainian war
SmithJon avatarSmith Jon
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Will Ukrainian government accept a peace deal that includes the loss of contested lands in the east (Donetsk and/or Lugansk)
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Will Volodomyr Zelenskyy be in power at the conclusion of the Russia-Ukraine war?
njmkw avatarNicola Wilson
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At the end of the war, will Russia control any formerly Ukrainian territory they didn’t control at the start?
njmkw avatarNicola Wilson
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Will there be fighting in Crimea this year?
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Will Russia have a net gain in occupied land in Ukraine during a month, within the next year?
Dennis5a87 avatarDennis
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"Are We Witnessing a Ukraine Miracle?"
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when will the Ukraine war stop?
Will Russia help Armenia in the war with Azerbaijan?
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What percentage of US population will support further aid for Ukraine in 1 year (2 years after the war started)?
Will the Russia Ukraine war end up in a slatemate without a formal peace treaty, like Korea?
BenjaminIkuta avatarBenjamin Ikuta
55% chance
By the time a ceasefire or peace treaty between Ukraine & Russia is signed, will UA partially control Crimea?
Will Ukraine sever the Land Bridge to Crimea by October 31?
Chechnya confronts Russia before the end of Russia-Ukraine war?
When will F-16 Fighter Jets be deployed in battle in the Ukraine-Russia conflict?
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Irigi avatar
Irigibought Ṁ100 of NO

@tobid How big part of Crimea? Over 50%?

connorwilliams97 avatar
Connor Williamspredicts NO

I put it around 10-15%. 20-25% for Donetsk, 30-35% for Mariupol, 35-40% for Melitopol.

connorwilliams97 avatar
Connor Williamsbought Ṁ35 of NO

This is laughably overvalued.

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ForrestTaylor avatar
Forrest Taylorpredicts NO

@ConnorWilliams You're probably right. Why not buy more NO?

camelwrangler avatar
Camel Wranglerbought Ṁ100 of NO

the 'end' could be a very long time; maybe a decade if this conflict devolves into an insurgency. Anyhow, a similar question has been asked and the result is about 11%

The guy writing the article you linked @tobid actually mentions his position is contrarian and more framed as 'advice'. It also seems somewhat political in nature, trying to justify further support from the west for the war.