If Manifold had to pick, would they prefer George Santos or Donald Trump as president?
Apr 25
George Santos84%

Resolved by poll after market close.

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Santos may be narcissistic and delusional but at least he hasn’t demonstrated much sadism. Hard to imagine him stirring up stochastic terrorism. Not likely he’d get in the way of anyone else doing that though. He’d be a useful chaos agent to anyone who would benefit from that chaos. If we all had to see his dapper self on screen every day it could cause a return of grunge or punk fashion so there’s that.

bought Ṁ20 George Santos

we get the funniest presidency in ages AND our first gay president. buttigieg is quaking right now

Y'all have got to be joking 😂

@Riley12 just to be clear this isnt the vote yet, this is PREDICTING what the vote will be when we poll the whole site if they prefer Trump or Santos. It could be a really close vote, not a blowout like here.

@strutheo Yea i understand, we're not expecting people to vote honestly lol

bought Ṁ10 George Santos

@Riley12 Who says the votes for Santos won't be honest?

@PlasmaBallin Common sense


its a tough one

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