By the end of 2023, will there be a usable AI assistant that interfaces with keyboard and mouse?
resolved Jan 1

This market is a slightly longer version of the market above.

It does not need to only use keyboard and mouse, but that should be a substantial part of its interaction

Not necessarily a physical keyboard and mouse.

Usable: at least some people prefer having it to not having it

Should not be restricted to any particular program (e.g. only usable in the browser)

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I am planning to resolve this to NO, unless someone wants to present a case for yes.

These are the closest I found:

The first one is chromium/web browser only, so doesn't count.

The second doesn't seem to actually use the mouse, and probably isn't general enough.

If I resolve my market yes does this market resolve yes as well, or are you planning on judging independently?

@vluzko Yes, since I used your criteria, I'd resolve YES if you do

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does giving an API'd LLM a live AHK repl running on some machine count?

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